iQOO 12 India launch very soon, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone first to use

iQOO 12 India launch very soon, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone first to use

The iQOO 12 is expected to launch in India soon. The launch specific timeline and features specifications have also been rumoured online. The company is said to be preparing for the launching time of the next-generation flagship iQOO phone.

Strong Key Points

  • The timeline for the iQOO 12 launch in India is tipped.
  • iQOO 12 could be the first phone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC.
  • The presence of a telephoto camera with OIS could also be a highlight over its predecessor.

Here’s what you might expect from the iQOO 12:

  • Powerful Hardware: iQOO smartphones are typically equipped with high-end hardware components, including the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. In this case, the iQOO 12 is said to be one of the first devices to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.


  • Gaming-Focused Features: iQOO devices often come with features snailed for gaming, high-refresh-rate display, optimized cooling systems, and gaming modes.


  • Flagship-Level Camera System: iQOO 12 to have a capable camera system, as flagship smartphones often feature advanced camera technology with multiple lenses and photography.


  • High-Refresh-Rate Display: A high-refresh-rate display is common in gaming smartphones to provide smoother visuals during gaming and general usage.


  • Large Battery with Fast Charging: To support extended gaming sessions and heavy usage, iQOO devices have large batteries with fast-charging capabilities.


  • 5G Connectivity: As 5G networks become more prevalent, the iQOO 12 is likely to feature 5G connectivity for faster data speeds and improved online gaming experiences.


  • Custom Gaming Software: iQOO devices typically come with custom software that includes gaming-centric features.


  • Display: There could be a 2K E7 AMOLED display on the front with a 144Hz refresh rate support.

Latest and official announcements from iQOO and Qualcomm for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the iQOO 12’s features, specifications, and launch details in India by the end of November or early December.

Key Specifications – iQOO 12 5G


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 | 12 GB


  •    6.79 inches (17.25 cm)

Rear camera

  • 50 MP + 50 MP + 64 MP

Selfie camera

  • 24 MP


  • 5000 mAh

iQOO 12 5G Price And Launch Date


Expected Price:    Rs. 62,990

Release Date:     11-Dec-2023 (Expected)

Variant:            12 GB RAM / 256 GB internal storage

Phone Status:     Rumoured

Advantage of iQOO 12

Chipset Performance:  iQOO 12 is likely to have a powerful processor and provide good performance for various tasks like gaming, running and demand of the applications.

Display Effect:  High quality display with a high rate, for clear and sharp visuals, soft scrolling, great identity for gaming and multimedia.

Better  Camera System: In the trending world, smartphones come with modern technology camera setups with lots of lenses and the purpose to capture high quality photos and videos.

Speed of Charging: Modern technology allows you to charge your phone with a very fast and minimal cut of time and keep the connection for long periods.

5G Connectivity: You can be happy with faster download and very speeds with support for 5G networks all over the world. This purpose is to enhance your internet connectivity.

Special Advantages

Storage and RAM System: High end smartphones is offer plenteous RAM and internal storage system, this goes to very comfort app performance and space for your muliple purpose.

Vibrant Design: High range smartphones often attract features like sleek, modern designs and quality materials that are the results given by a very ultra stylish look.

Customized UI: User Interface may be constructed by fully customized options and its give more valuable gaming purpose.

Long Life Battery: Although high range hardware, top most smartphones come with strong power management. So battery life is long for all day usage.

Security System:  To analyze advanced security options like display fingerprint sensors, facial identification and data protection.

High-Quality Audio: During media consumption  and gaming to high quality audio effects for immersive sound.

Fast and  Software Updates: High range smartphones are coming to receive necessary software updates and security, to develop performance and access to new features.

Gaming Features: These phones may include  specification gaming models and to develop cool mechanisms is going to give a perfect gaming experience.

Support and Warranty: These high range phones basically provide good customer support and detailed warranty coverage.

Disadvantage of iQOO 12


The iQOO 12 may be reasonably expensive, specify that it features and the latest technology, it could make it very less necessary for budget consumers.

Limited Availability:

iQOO smartphones  have very limited availability in certain parts of the world and also minimal options for purchasing, very rare service centers.

Possible Multipurpose:

It can occupy storage space and sometimes impact all user experience because the phone comes with pre-installed apps.

Battery Life:

An advanced fasting charge technology, the phone still has a battery life that is insufficient for heavy users.

Non-Expandable Storage:

All the necessary users affect the limitations of storage capacity.  Specifically  if they have a lot of content.If the iQOO 12 does not support expandable storage via microSD cards.


It comes with many modern smartphones, the iQOO 12 has a breakable design, it is damaged from drops or without a very long lasting case.


The users unfamiliar with iQOO’s interface and Android experience a learning curve.

Non-Standard Ports:

Users need to rely on adapters or bluetooth headphones are going to be inconvenient for some other  iQOO 12 due to not featuring a normal standard 3.5mm headphone jacket.

 Software Updates:

The iQOO 12 and iQOO’s track record are dependent upon receiving delayed software updates.

    Heating Issues:

High end smartphones can generate extreme heat, this is to some concern users within particularly during a long time gaming schedule.

General Specific & Expectations:

The High end smartphones come with the latest Snapdragon chipset and also iQOO 12 suggests to most offering a flagship phone. But there is no official information on the launch of iQOO 12. Everyone expects in terms of specification of the key feature from this phone. It comes with an AMOLED display and 144Hz refresh rate with 2K resolution. iQOO phone have an ultrasonic display fingerprint scanner.

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