World’s first wireless OLED TV price announced by LG

World’s first wireless OLED TV price announced by LG

LG: For the better part of a decade, LG has been the market leader in OLED technology. However, as the competition is now closing in, LG went all out at CES 2023 and presented the LG Signature OLED M, the first wireless OLED TV in the world.

A wireless AV transmission at a resolution of 4K/120Hz is delivered by the OLED M, which is simply an LG G3 using LG’s Zero Connect technology. We were adequately astounded by what we saw when we got our eyes around it on the show floor, but pricing has remained elusive till now.

Even though the 97-inch wireless M3 OLED TV from LG stole the show when it was announced at CES in January in Las Vegas, there was immediate rumour as to when or even if LG would ever actually release it as a product that consumers could buy.

And the potential cost if they did. especially given the eye-watering prices formerly associated with high-concept TVs like the brand’s “roll-able” OLED TV.

Design & Cost

But now that we know the answers, I believe that those customers who were drawn to the M3 because of the design purity it represents will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes.

Today, LG revealed its plans for launching its products worldwide, announcing a September release for the UK and Europe as well as a release in North America with yet-to-be-determined exact schedules.

The 97-inch LG Signature OLED M, which has the largest OLED screen in the world and costs $24,999 (about $31,800), is the flagship model. Okay, so that is fairly exorbitant, but the 77- and 83-inch evo M variants will also be available, with prices starting at £5,999 (about $7,635) and £7,999 (roughly $10,170), respectively.

This is £1,200 more than the 77-inch G3 and £1,000 more than the 83-inch G3 (the G3 line employs the same fundamental OLED screen technology but does not include the design-friendly wireless connectivity).

As with the G3 range, the 77-inch M3 features LG’s amazing new micro lens array technology, which enhances brightness, but the 83 and 97-inch M3s do not.

The M3 sets can either be set up on floor-standing, easel-style legs or mounted on your wall using a “zero gap” mount. Even the 97-inch size can be mounted on this chic floor mount option, as we saw at CES.

Wireless Technology is used by all three sizes

The same wireless technology is used by all three sizes of TVs, allowing for almost wire-free viewing. I say almost because a power cord must still be connected, of course.

However, with that connected, anything you want to watch on the TV can be streamed wireless to the TV at up to 4K/120Hz, with the likes of Dolby Vision and Dolby At-mos also being delivered wireless. To use this feature, simply connect your set top box, Blu-ray player, or gaming console to LG’s Zero Connect box.

Transmit large amounts of Data

This is apparently all down to LG’s proprietary wireless AV transmission solution, which the company says can transmit large amounts of data at up to three times the speed of the existing Wi-Fi 6E standard.

The box identifies the optimal transmission path from its position at up to 10 metres away, and has an adjustable antenna that can be positioned according to the screen’s location to help things along too.

This means you can position the rest of your home cinema kit wherever is most convenient in your room – leaving you with much more flexibility on where to position your TV.

Even better, with LG’s flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design also at play here, it makes the LG Signature OLED M (or LG M3 to its friends), a great candidate for wall mounting – though its striking stand design does look pretty lovely too.

Save a lot of money on a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Galaxy Watch 6 demonstrates how something old can be made new again. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic features the return of the fan-favourite bezel, while the normal Galaxy Watch 6 is a little improvement to last year’s model. These Android smartwatches aren’t particularly fascinating, but they do virtually everything.

I’ve been wearing both versions for a week to track everything from workouts to sleep. Inside, they’re basically the same watch, with the same internal features, sensors, and sizing possibilities. I evaluated the 40mm Ara Wagoner of Android Police is currently testing the Galaxy Watch 6 for review.

Performance-wise, the Galaxy Watch 6 isn’t a tremendous leap over last year’s model, but it’s not just this year’s perks that previous watch users should consider. If you have a Watch 4 or earlier, your screen isn’t Sapphire Crystal Glass, and your battery is two years (or more) old.

Screen is more Vulnerable

This means your screen is more vulnerable, and you’re barely getting through the day on a single charge.Watch 6 and the 43mm Classic in their small sizes.

Because of the lower bezels, the Galaxy Watch 6 provides those critical advancements, as well as a much-needed RAM bump and a larger screen in the same size watch.

Sure, most of the new “features” from the Galaxy Watch 6 will be back-ported to previous watches, like irregular heartbeat notifications, but this is an excellent opportunity to increase your battery life and screen protection.

What are the key differences between the Galaxy Watch 6 versions?

  • The Galaxy Watch 6 is made of aluminium, whilst the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is made of stainless steel.
  • Only with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic does the bezel rotate. The Galaxy Watch 6 incorporates a haptic touch bezel around the screen.
  • Price: The 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 costs $300, and the 44mm costs $330. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is $400 for the 43mm model and $430 for the 47mm model.

Better, brighter displays allow you to see more

On paper, the larger 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch displays appear to be a little upgrade, but they make a substantial impact in the entire experience. When I compare the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic directly to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (the previous Samsung watch with a bezel), the difference in usable display is night and day.

The screens are also twice as bright as the Galaxy Watch 5 and Pro, reaching a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. In the sunlight, they were much easier to see. The always-on display has also been brightened.

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The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic bezel brings the watch back to life

I appreciate that Samsung responded to customer feedback and reinstated the rotating bezel. Not only does it make navigating more enjoyable, but it’s also a practical way to handle the watch if you’re wearing gloves or have sweaty or wet fingers.

The bezel is also smaller than the version seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. But it accomplishes nothing new and should never have left.

The normal Galaxy Watch 6 has a touch bezel around the screen’s edge. Move your finger around to achieve the same effect as the real bezel.

WearOS 4 and One UI 5 Watch: A solid but insufficient combination

These are the first Wear OS 4 watches. Some of the most significant changes promise improved battery life and online backups.

Gmail and Google Calendar will also be available on the watch, but they are not yet available at the time of writing. Other Google apps, like as the Assistant and YouTube Music, are available, and WhatsApp now has a Wear OS app.

They also run Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch on top of Wear OS 4, which includes Galaxy Watch-only features such as:

Sleep coaching and insights

Heart rate zones that are unique to you

When it detects a fall, Emergency SOS can broadcast your location.

For users above the age of 55, fall detection is activated automatically.

Health, fitness, and sleep are all related

The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a few additional fitness features, including a new track run exercise type and the ability to build custom routines.

After feature was removed from the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, Samsung silently reinstated automatic cycling detection. After roughly 10 minutes, the Galaxy Watch 6 continues to auto-detect activities like as walks, runs, rowing machines, and elliptical.

Personalised heart rate zones are now available on Samsung watches. They can help you workout more efficiently by keeping you within a range based on your aerobic capacities.

Perform a minimum 10-minute outdoor run at 4 kilometres per hour or faster to create specific heart rate zones. Then navigate to Settings > HR Zone Guide > Target HR Zone. This feature is also available on the Apple Watch and Fit bit.

Galaxy Watch  6 Classic

  Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
Shape Round
Watch size 43mm, 47mm
Materials/ Finishes Stainless Steel
Display size, resolution 43mm: 1.3 inch, 432×432 pixels, Super AMOLED; 47mm: 1.5 inch, 480×480 pixels, Super AMOLED
Dimensions 43mm: 42.5×42.5×10.9 mm; 47mm: 46.5×46.5×10.9 mm
Weight 43mm: 52g; 47mm: 59g
Colors 43mm: black, silver; 47mm: black, silver
Always On Yes
Interchangeable bands Yes
Automatic workout detection Yes
Compass Yes
Altimeter Yes
Water resistance 5ATM, IP68
Calls Yes
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Voice assistant Yes (Google Assistant, Bixby)
Mobile Payments Yes (Samsung Wallet)
Sleep tracking Yes
Period tracking Yes
Sensors Optical heart rate + electrical heart signal + bioelectrical impedance analysis, temperature sensor, accelerometer, barometer, gyro sensor, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor
Emergency features Emergency SOS, fall detection
Compatibility Android 10 and above
Software WearOS 4
Processor Exynos W930 dual-core 1.4GHz
Connectivity LTE6, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 2.4+5GHz, NFC, GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo
Memory and storage 2GB memory + 16GB storage
Charging Fast charging (WPC-based wireless charging)
Battery life Up to 40 hours (Always On Display off); up to 30 hours (Always On Display on)
Battery capacity 43mm: 300 mAh; 47mm: 425 mAh
Price (USD) 43mm: $400 (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth); 47mm: $430 (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Galaxy Watches from the fourth Generation

The Galaxy Watch 6 series debuts at a critical juncture for Android smartwatches, with more competition than ever. Google’s Pixel Watch debuted in 2022, and while its battery life wasn’t flawless, its stylish design combined with Fitbit’s fitness tracking prowess helped it set the bar.

Then there’s the Ticwatch Pro 5, which doubles the battery life and costs $350 less than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The Galaxy Watch 6, like other Galaxy Watches from the fourth generation, is Android-only.

Its reintroduction on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic brings no additional capabilities. Regardless, I’m delighted it’s back. It is somewhat slimmer than the bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

The Galaxy Watch 6 will have somewhat larger and higher resolution screens than the Galaxy Watch 5. The 40mm Watch 6 and 43mm Classic have 1.3-inch displays, while the 44mm Watch 6 and 47mm Classic have 1.5-inch displays.

What else does the Galaxy Watch 6 have to offer?

  • Notifications of irregular heart rates.
  • A new track run workout type has been added, as well as the ability to build custom routines.
  • Things that are Intelligent Find locates your phone even when it isn’t linked to the watch by using GPS to establish its last location.
  • Without a phone, business users can set up a watch on their own.
  • Moving to a new phone no longer necessitates a watch reset and restart.
  • The buttons of the watch are made of recyclable plastic.
  • Fabric, a revised Milanese loop, an extreme sports band and a hybrid environmental band manufactured from industrial corn are all new watch bands.

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