What is DDoS, how to Protect with Google, Amazon

What is DDoS, how to protect with online in order to be safe, Google, Amazon And more Internet companies attack largest denial of service

DDoS Attack: In worldwide Internet companies also known as online web based companies are process the businesses that initially function on the internet.  Modern digital technology and the international reach of the internet contribute to a world wide range of products and services. Internet companies have a basic part of the digital economy and are categorised into multiple types based on their functions system. There are different types of internet companies on go through,

E-Commerce Companies

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba : E- commerce companies are performed based on online buying and selling of products and services.  They give a basic platform for business and consumers through transactions including a largest marketplace, payment and logistics services.

Social Media Companies

Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn,LinkedIn :  Social media companies provide various online platforms for users to create and share content, contact and connect with others and are busy with social platform networking.

Search Engines

Google, Bing:    Search engines provide help to users to discover all valuable information, websites and resources on the internet.  They use algorithms to index web content and give relevant search results.

Cloud Services Providers

Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure: Cloud services companies give the best infrastructure, software and platform services through the internet. To enable storage in data, run applications and access computing remotely.

Online Streaming Services

YouTube, Netflix, Spotify : Streaming companies provide digital content like music, movies and videos to the internet.  Offer for a subscription fee for demand content of subscribers.

Online Travel and Booking Companies

Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia:  These companies initiate travel planning, vacation rentals, hotel bookings and, train, flight reservations.  Book and manage travel arrangements online.

Food Delivery Companies

Uber Eats, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash: Ride experience companies connect passengers      with drivers for transportation services while food delivery companies provide very high peak delivery of hotel meals.

Online Payment Companies

Google pay,paytm,PayPal, Square, Stripe: Online payment companies provide  digital payment solutions and very fast development in financial technology services. This is used for online transactions, mobile payments and other financial needs.

Online Education and E-Learning

Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera: The companies deliver unique digital learning platforms, they offer tutorials, online courses and educational ideas for all ages.

Internet companies have revolutionised the way people live, work and connect and contact others.  They are involved to contribute identity to the global economy and innovate to provide new best services and solve the problem in the digital world.

What is a DDoS Attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a very wrong intention attempt to the normal functioning system of a network, website and service provider of multiple traffic.  This DDoS attack, various functioning devices or computers are used to create a large quantity of traffic and send it to the target. This becomes inactive and very slow to respond to their requests.

Nature of Distribution

DDoS attacks deeply involve various devices or systems that come naturally distributed. These devices otherwise called bots are generally compromised without the owner’s knowledge. This function is controlled remotely by the attacker.

Sound of Traffic in Network Infrastructure

  • DDoS attacks massively create strong volume data traffic and this is a target of network infrastructure. The success is deriving the available resources and proving it a very normal target to respond to the requests.

Different  types of Attack

  • DDoS attacks take several forms including very strong attacks. This focuses only on the target with traffic. Protocol attacks make good use of temptation in network protocols and application layer wise attacks which is the target only for application and mentioned services.


Cheated IP Address

  • Most of the attackers use these types of cheating IP addresses to hide the entire source of the attack traffic. It is very difficult to trace the IP address back over again.


Network of compromised Devices- Botnets

This type of attackers use a network of compromised systems known as botnet function and to execute a DDoS attack in a very strong way. Botnets consist of thousands or lots of millions of compromised computers making the attack very powerful.

Impact on Availability

The initial success of DDoS attack is the availability of a target for website service and temporarily rendering and fully unavailable to users.

Motivations behind DDoS attacks can vary

The inspiration of DDoS attacks may be different. They launched for many reasons like financial improvements, competition, and revenge and simply said to disrupt.  These attackers are commonly used to smokescreen to confirm other cheated activities.

Protecting against DDoS attacks typically involves using various mitigation Techniques

Safe and security against this type of attacks commonly involved using different intensity moderation techniques as load balancing, traffic filtering and content delivery networks systems. Gradually this type of organization can detect and prevent the systems only to identify and respond to the real time attacks.

Motivations behind DDoS attacks can vary and may include

Single or many groups carry out the attacks to promote political and social problems. It is only targeting government websites or organisations. Cyber crime attackers demand a payment for the release of someone to stop the attack. This is the usage of attacking other illegal activities and intention of financial demands.

Competitive advantage attacks are initiated by the competitors reaching to spoil the reputation and other operations.  Individuals or some other groups are deeply engaged in DDoS attacks.

How to protect from DDoS attacks?

Very strong protection against DDoS attacks wants a multiple approach that comes both tending to prevent scale and proper response category. Herewith following some key points to help to protect your organisation from DDoS attacks.

Use DDoS Mitigation Services

To subscribe to a DDoS mitigation service delivered by cloud service system or specific DDoS protection providers. This helps to notify and sort out cheated traffic that reaches your network before.

Load Balancing and Content Delivery Networks

Satisfied with full load balancing solutions to spread incoming traffic across multiple servers. This helps to spread the capacity of load and prevent any one single server from the attacks.

Always use content delivery networks to reach and present your web content from various servers. DDoS attacks by spreading the load naturally.

Rate Limiting and Discord Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

To prevent the rate limiting rules and then to control the number of requests per IP address and this come per consumer to prevent attackers from your server with your requests.

Advanced security tools and systems operate to detect unusual patterns and this to automatically take actions for your request.

 DDoS-Resilient Hosting and Network Security Measures

Select specific hosting providers with DDoS mitigation capacity and infrastructure to help absorb and attack.



What are the common types of DDoS attacks?

General types of sound attacks (UDPand ICMP floods), protocol and application     multi layer attacks (HTTP , DNS Floods}

Why do people launch DDoS attacks?

Inspirations can differ, including hacking, cyber crime and competitive advantage.  Some attackers want to stop attacks and use them as partitions or engage in cheap activity.

What are DDoS protection services, and how do they work?

DDoS protection service systems are designed and created to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in common time. They searched incoming traffic only and sorted out cheated requests to reach the traffic target. These services to detect threats only.

What are some best practices for organisations to prepare for DDoS attacks?

They are ready to react with a proper plan, DDoS protection detailed scale in place, using strong security tools and keeping proper systems and software up to date are very necessary. Regular testing and monitoring are also very preferred.

Can DDoS attacks be illegal?

Yes, DDoS attacks are often illegal, as they trouble online services and are the reason for financial and reputation damage. Legal also includes a penalty for those found.

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