Launching in September, Meta Quest 3 has a New Trailer

Meta Quest: While announcing the new VR headset back in June, Meta already teased us with a reveal teaser for the Meta Quest 3. However, we now know when to formally anticipate the upcoming mixed reality headgear.

The keynote address by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, will take place on September 27 as part of the conference’s official dates of September 27–28, according to a statement from Meta.

We may anticipate a significant Quest 3 announcement at that time, according to a tweet on Meta’s Twitter profile.

Unfortunately, the tweet didn’t provide us with any new information on the impending headgear, even though it did provide a new sizzle clip.

Meta Quest 3: Known specifications and features

Fortunately, we already have a good idea of what to anticipate from the Quest 3: For instance, we are aware of the headset’s price, which is $499 in the United States.

Pricing for the U.K. and Australia has not yet been announced, but we anticipate it to cost £499 in the U.K. and between AU$629 and $700 in Australia.

As opposed to a pure virtual reality headset, this will instead be a mixed reality headset. This is due to the sensor and camera array that are clearly seen in the teaser Meta released along with the Meta Connect announcement.

This trio of pill-shaped cameras and sensors is mounted on the front of the headset visor and will supposedly provide full-colour pass through that is superior than that offered by the Meta Quest Pro at the moment.

The Quest Pro is being stolen from for more reasons than just that. Also utilising pancake lenses, the Quest 3 will have a substantially smaller visor than the Quest 2 due to the Quest Pro’s ability to do so.

The profile of the Quest 3 will also be thinner, according to Meta, who claims that the headset is now 40% slimmer than the Quest 2.

In addition to this, anticipate further information on the teased upgrades to appear during Meta Connect. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which Meta claims will make the Quest 3 “Our most powerful headset yet,” is the one in which I’m most intrigued.

Additionally, they assert that Quest 3’s display resolution will be Meta’s “highest resolution display,” with a “nearly 30% leap in resolution from Quest 2.”

Come September, I’m interested to see if all these improvements will work together to make the Quest 3 the best VR headset we’ve ever tested.


Price: $499.00

128GB (possible bigger size) of storage

Availability: September 27

Unnamed fourth-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Compatible with backwards Yes

The long-awaited release of Meta Quest Plus, a VR gaming subscription

The PSVR 2 with its increased firepower from the PS5’s CPUs currently hold the title of best VR gaming headset, surpassing the Meta Quest 2.

But the Quest 2 is still the greatest VR headset we’ve ever tried and a great method to play the top VR games because of its reasonable pricing and independent design.

And it appears that Meta now wants to make access to its collection of more than 500 titles easier for anyone who wish to test out VR gaming.

Users can subscribe to Meta Quest Plus

Users can subscribe to Meta Quest Plus, a new subscription service, starting today, and get two games every month.

Pay just $7.99 per month for Meta Quest Plus. Alternately, you could pay $59.99 every year by saving some cash.

You may purchase it for even less, though, for a brief period of time. You can currently sign up for Meta Quest Plus for just $1 by visiting the product page for it on Meta’s website. On July 31, 2023, this deal expires.

There is, however, a catch. You can only access the games as long as you have a Meta Quest Plus subscription, similar to other gaming subscription services. Your access to your Quest Plus games will be reinstated if you cancel and then reactivate your subscription.

Drawback of Meta Quest Plus

Another drawback is that you don’t get to choose the games. The games are chosen by Meta, and you have until the end of the month to redeem them.

Pistol Whip and Pixel Ripped 1995, for instance, are July 2023’s options (which seem to be accessible right now). By the end of July 2023, you must redeem these through the Meta Quest Plus website on your web browser or Quest headset to make sure you receive them.

Wait until August, when Mother gunship: Forge and Walkabout Mini Golf will take their place, and they’ll be gone.

First Announcement on the Meta Channel on Instagram

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, made the first announcement on the Meta Channel on Instagram, but Meta has subsequently provided additional details about its new subscription service.

According to Zuckerberg, the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro both currently support the Quest Pass. The Meta Quest 3 will also be compatible with it once it debuts later this year. It’s not obvious, though, which areas are excluded from this new subscription.

In order to join up for Meta Quest Plus, you must be 17 or older in the United States and 18 or older in the rest of the globe. However, parents or guardians can share their Meta Quest Plus games with children on their account through App Sharing.

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“Kat Walk C2 Core” VR Treadmill: Pre-orders are now available

Already, the Kat Walk C2 Kickstarter campaign has been a success. With its cheaper entry price of $899, the new Kat Walk C2 Core is intended to make the VR treadmill accessible to even more players.

The deal is available till September 15, 2015. The starting price for the older C2+ model (with VR Haptics) is presently $1,399.

New developments like a thin but robust bar behind the back promise even more 360-degree mobility. According to Kat VR, the maker of the VR treadmill, the movable belt wraps around the user’s hips, making it simpler to jump, squat, or kneel.

VR treadmill for fluid motion

Using the word “treadmill” is not totally correct. Similar to the Kat Walk C, C 2 and C 2+, it is more of a gliding board. Users attach themselves to the rear bar and imitate walking by sliding their feet around the flat, smooth plastic plate.

This helps the body and brain register movement, which should improve virtual reality immersion and lessen motion sickness. The optical tracking is identical to that of the common C2 type and resembles that of a computer mouse (SPI = 1200).

The product’s maker, Kat VR, asserts that it has a latency of under ten milliseconds, a distance accuracy of under 0.12 millimetres, and a rotation accuracy of under 0.3 degrees. For the updated model, there isn’t yet a haptic improvement.

Price and Availability

Along with more than 50 games from the Rift Store, over 250 games now support the C2 platform on SteamVR. More than 25 Meta Quest games are also available (with the Kat Nexus adaptor for an additional $69). There will soon be support for PlayStation VR (2).

When ordering, the proper size can be picked for the matching shoes, which have non-slip soles. Attention: Additional shipping fees of several hundred US dollars may be required for interested VR gamers. An extra $299 is required for the fabric seat option.

Pre-orders have been available since Monday, August 1, and delivery will begin in September in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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