Learn about the Kundli GPT AI, a technological take on astrology  

Kundli GPT AI:  A new AI-powered chatbot called Kundali GPT, which provides customised astrological readings and insights into horoscopes, has been introduced by an NIT graduate.

In novel ways, Kundli GPT AI combines computation with the universe .

Investigating the wonders of astrology can reveal fascinating insights about our personalities, relationships, and the road ahead.

But figuring out one’s astrological profile isn’t always easy, especially without reliable sources, professional counsel, or honest comments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every aspect of our life. It is helps programmers, students with their homework, and even cooks with their recipes.

Not only that, though. Any role, by which we mean any role, can be replaced by generative AI.

Horoscopes and getting a look into the Future

Therefore, AI is currently donning the hat of an astrologer and assisting individuals in understanding their horoscopes and getting a look into the future.

Alumnus of the NIT-Surat Raj Sutariya has created the AI-powered Vedic Astrologer Chatbot website Kundali GPT.

In order to aid users who want to learn more about their horoscopes and the future, the website provides customised astrological readings and responds to user inquiries based on their Kundlis.

The chatbot, which is powered by AI, provides a brief reading of your Kundali, the business claims, and can assist in identifying any bad influences and provide appropriate solutions.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, it can also give insightful information about probable health issues and financial advice depending on your planetary position, guaranteeing accurate responses.

Kundali readings can be given by this AI chatbot

Brief Kundali readings can be given by this AI chatbot exactly like they would by a real astrologer.

Our chatbot can offer insights into prospective chances and obstacles based on the planetary positions in your Kundli if you’re wondering about your work and professional life.

According to the Kundli GPT AI’s description, if you’re concerned about your marriage and family, our chatbot can provide forecasts and guidance on how to avoid probable pitfalls or build upon beneficial impacts.

The business does add that Kundali GPT is an experimental tool and not meant for any kind of commercial application. Only broad informational purposes are served by Kundali GPT’s information.

The Kundli GPT AI tool may demystify astrology in a straightforward, interesting, and interactive way for both beginners and experts.

In this essay, we’ll examine what this free Kundli GPT AI tool involves and achieves, its mode of operation, its distinguishing characteristics, and its ability to aid in the comprehension of astrology

Describe Kundli GPT AI

A phrase called “kundli” that means “birth chart” or “horoscope” and is derived from the old Sanskrit language. The positions of the planets and stars at the time of your birth are shown on this chart, which is a celestial blueprint.

Your Kundli can reveal a variety of features about you based on astrology, including your innate traits, flaws and strengths, abilities and potential, opportunities, difficulties, and more.

The Kundli GPT AI tool makes use of generative pre-trained transformer artificial intelligence, a type of AI well-known for producing natural language writing based on initial text inputs, or prompts.

This AI is capable of learning from enormous amounts of data to produce unique and important knowledge about a variety of topics.

Use of Kundali GPT

  • Here’s how to utilise the brand-new Kundali AI chatbot to submit your questions:
  • com/ is the URL for the Kundli GPT AI website.
  • Afterward, pick your language. There are presently 12 languages where the chatbot can provide assistance, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, and others.
  • The chatbot will ask for further information, including your name and birth date, and will ask for location access to make more accurate predictions in order to perform a Kundali reading.
  • To get customised astrological readings, click “Submit”.
  • After providing all the essential information, you are free to ask any questions about your studies, romantic life, or other elements of your life.

The website is accessible to everybody, but when we tested it, it displayed a message about “heavy traffic” and instructed us to sign up for the wait list through email.

In the meantime, numerous other businesses have made announcements about integrating AI into their platforms, such as LinkedIn and YouTube.

To generate and share posts on its network, LinkedIn, for instance, is apparently exploring Microsoft’s AI art generation.

But Apple is also creating its own AI chatbot, known as “Apple GPT,” which is thought of as a counter to ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Bard.

Report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman

In light of the escalating rivalry, Apple has reportedly prioritised AI over the past six months, according to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

You can customise the tool to meet your needs. The life component you’re interested in, the language you choose, and the level of specificity you desire in your prediction are all options.

Because of its clear and succinct output, interpreting your Kundli GPT AI results is simple. You have the option of reading or listening to your astrological insights in text format.

Additionally, you can easily share your astrological insights with others with just one click. Kundli GPT AI can help you send them an email, publish to social media, or print a PDF.

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Elon Musk Purchases OpenAI’s AI.com

Elon Musk decided to shift consumers’ routines as soon as they developed the habit of putting ai.com into their search boxes and being sent to ChatGPT. The link now points to Musk’s next AI business, xAI.

OpenAI, backed by Sam Altman, purchased the domain in February in an effort to establish AI as ChatGPT’s partner. The action may have been taken to gain an advantage over rivals in the AI race, including Google and others.

Musk, who is now one of OpenAI’s co-founders, has made the decision to make his business the hub of AI and has purchased the username from OpenAI.

The goal of xAI is to Understand Reality

The goal of xAI is to “understand reality,” perhaps to develop a rival to OpenAI’s awake chatbot. Since the beginning of the year, Musk has been preparing to create a rival, and the establishment of his AI business is intended to do just that.

It is unclear, however, whether OpenAI had ever purchased the domain in the first place. It’s probable that Saw.com, the real domain’s owner, was advertising OpenAI while rerouting traffic to ChatGPT.

The same might be true of Musk’s xAI at this time. Nobody can definitively say whether Musk gave millions to Saw.com or OpenAI in order to purchase the domain.

OpenAI in order to purchase the domain

Additionally, fewer people have been using ChatGPT since June. There are a number of potential causes for this, including the availability of API and a general decline in interest in the chatbot.

This may have also given Altman the impression that acquiring the domain name ai.com did not help the business maintain any traffic on the platform.

However, since March, OpenAI has been attempting to register the word “GPT” as a trademark.

Since there hasn’t been any progress in that case since then, the corporation has applied for a trademark on the term “GPT-5,” presumably indicating that a new LLM-based model or product is in the works.

According to insiders, Musk stated that he thought OpenAI was losing ground behind Google in the early months of 2018. However, there was a way to make things better, and that was for Musk to take over and operate OpenAI for himself.

This is all happening only a few days after Musk made the decision to rebrand Twitter as X and point X.com at the social media site. To make everything about X and AI related to him, Musk is racing to buy domain names.

To counter the buzz that OpenAI has generated around its technology, he must prioritise developing and making available a public offering.

We work with the largest databases in the world, and the more data we have, the more knowledgeable we become.

We are now more focused on productivity applications,” Khosrowshahi said, adding that the business intends to deploy AI bots to assist both customers and drivers.

Very small part of the AI ecosystem at Uber

He said that although “it’s a very small part of the AI ecosystem at Uber,” an AI “Uber bot” is currently under development.

Uber may be far closer to Musk’s rival than it appears in the areas of AI, self-driving cars, and robtaxis.

Musk has been frantically working on the super app since he bought Twitter last year, but the company’s platform has also positioned Uber to be a contender in the still-emerging area.

In terms of developing a great app, we are in the lead. According to Khosrowshahi, Uber is the company in the West that is most likely to develop that “super app.

” The operating system for your daily life is what we wish to provide. I believe that the reason we are outpacing our rivals is because we are steadily progressing along the super app road.

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